So since last fall I have been tweeting away. At first, I resisted twitter. In a work meeting when we were talking about social media and how we could use it, I said I ‘hated’ it and ‘didn’t get it’. Then my boss set up a twitter account while I was on maternity leave, and when I came back he would occasionally ask me to tweet for him. After browsing around on his account, I got kind of into it. A co-worker of mine made a great comment about it – something to the effect of “If you comment on a blog, there’s a limited number of people who will see it, but if you tweet a comment, it has the potential to reach hundreds of people”. So I set up my own (@babyinbrooklyn)account, and started tweeting away about random stuff, mostly having to do with Ivy and this here blog.

So now here I am 7 months later totally into to Twitter and the community of other moms I’ve found there. It’s nice to be able to commiserate about teething, talk about tattoos (see below tour) and discuss serious shit like chemicals in baby skin care products and frivolous silly shit like Lady Gaga. It’s really nice for someone like myself, who has a limited number of mom friends locally to have an outlet to talk/worry/laugh about these kind of things with other parents.

And then there’s the giveaways. I won an awesome set of Little Ruler onesies from a giveaway on my friend Kristi’s blog . While chatting in a Healthy Child twitter party about baby bath products I won a huge box of Episencial baby products. And today, well today I won a 6 pack of reusable produce bags from Esse Reusable bags

Who knew that something that I was so against in the beginning turned out to be so awesome?

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