Beach Baby

Yesterday we celebrated my husbands 30th with a trip to Long Beach in Long Island. Ivy is no stranger to the beach. Last summer, when she was only a few months old we took her to Sandy Hook a few times when we were down at my moms. She didn’t go in the water, just chilled in her bouncy chair in her little sun dome tent.

When she was 3 months we went to Miami and spent some time chilling on South Beach. She lounged in her bouncy chair under her sun dome on the beach;

She also ventured into the ocean for the first time in her life;
The water was so calm and warm she loved it. I love the way this picture came out with the sun rays beaming down on us. Who knew a blackberry could take such nice pictures?

In April we went to Key West and spent a lot of time at the beach there. All the fresh air was great for Ivy and she loved going in the ocean with mom & dad;

And then yesterday we went to Long Beach. The water was way too cold for her to even dip her tiny toes into (trust me both Jon and I braved it and it was bone chilling ). But she still had a great time playing in (and trying to eat) the sand;
I think we are going to have a fun summer chilling at the beach this year!

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