Adventures in Babysitting

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The other day, Jon and I watched our neighbors 3 month old for a few hours. She just went back to work, and her nanny couldn’t start until mid-week so she asked us if we wouldn’t mind watching her lil guy for a few hours Tuesday afternoon. We had been telling them almost since the little guy was born that someone is always here watching Ivy, and if they ever needed anything, here we were!

When she asked if we would do it I had to check w/ Jon since he was going to be the one home for the first few hours. he was a little apprehensive because he hadn’t ‘met’ their baby yet, but he did it. I called form work and he was all “I have a napping baby and a little baby on my lap”. I couldn’t wait to come home and squee over him. Then an hour later he was all “Do you think you could leave work a little earlier? I’m kinda freaking out”. I did, and got home and he had everything under control.

It went really well, that little guy was really good though I forgot just how very tiny 3 month olds can be. And fussy, though I’m sure it didn’t help that this was only his 2nd day away from his mama after spending all day with her for his whole little life.

Ivy liked chilling with the little guy too. It was cute at one point when I sat down with him on my lap next to her she went ” Haaaaiiii” and laughed at him. What a little flirt!

Though it went pretty well, there were a few times when they were both crying that got a little hectic, and it totally confirmed that I am in no way ready to even think about another bub at this point. Yes, I want another kid, but maybe when Ivy is much much older.

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