Pointless crap you don’t need for your child

I’ve posted about this when I was pregnant and setting up my baby registry, so it’s no secret that I am incredibly annoyed by all the stuff that one ‘needs’ when they have a baby. I tried really hard to be minimalist about it, and think we did pretty good about that. We’ve even borrowed some stuff from our neighbors that they got but aren’t using yet (their bub is 3 months old and we are using their jumperoo) and our friends who are expecting will be happily using some of our gently used stuff. I gave baby clothes to everyone I know and will keep a lot of stuff for the next bub.

And just today I pulled a toy out of the trash for the bub (it wasn’t actually in the trash it was set on the side of where we keep our trash. It’s a big plastic clock that tells time in English and Spanish when you turn the hands on it. Yes, I’m a garbage picker. I recently stalked these people on a block near mine because they had a little tikes plastic picnic table sitting near their trash cans (I didn’t want to go through their gate and take it b/c that would be trespassing). I am always on the lookout for things that I can rescue from the landfill. It breaks my heart to think about the piles and piles of plastic junk just sitting there. forever. Enjoyed only for months, a year if they’re lucky.

So when I see products that are completely useless it really pisses me off that all the resources that are wasted to actually manufacture the thing, only so it can eventually sit forever in a landfill.

Things like this;

Or this;


Are completely ridiculous. I mean really> Did they really have to manufacture a plastic box to hold your childs juicebox? Or a “protector” so they don’t drip their ice pop on your hands? People – Newsflash – KIDS TEND TO GET MESSY. The really sad part is, I bet these things sell like hotcakes.

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