Key West with a baby VS. Key West While Pregnant

SO last week we returned from our super fun, super relaxing vacay in Key West. As my regular readers (haha) may remember I was there last year for our friends wedding and we were back with them again this year. We got to stay in a super nice house close to all of the fun Key West has to offer on Duval Street.

I was a tiny bit skeptical about going with the bub in tow, I had visions of sitting in the house every night while loads of fun was being had without me on Duval Street, or packing up all teh gear and hauling it to the beach, only to have to turn around because the baby was freaking out. One thing I forgot while being paranoid about this stuff was that Ivy, for the most part, is an easy going little bub. And apparently she loves the beach.

When I was 7 + months pregnant last year, I was pretty much at the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, and unlike this year I was the only one who could carry around the bub. But this year I got to pass her off to daddy, our friends, and random drunk strangers. Just Kidding! They weren’t drunk, just strangers. (I kid, I kid) Although, man were people crazy about Ivy down there. Everywhere we went, people were telling us what a gorgeous/ cute/ funny/adorable/ insert flattering adjective here/ baby we had. And Ivy milked it. She would act ‘shy’ and turn away towards me, only to instantly turn back flashing that million dollar smile.

Swimming in the ocean or pool while pregnant was incredibly enjoyable (it made me feel weightless!) it’s not like swimming while not pregnant sucks. Plus Ivy freaking loves being in the water. We bought her a little float so she could lounge in the pool with us, and she was in heaven. Eventually she even figured out that she could kick her little legs to get around the pool. She was so comfy she even fell asleep in it once. Don’t worry, we took her out before she pruned.

And the beach, well, my worries were completely unfounded. She had the best time there, and most times as soon as we got there she would take a nap for at least an hour, once she slept at the beach for almost 2 hours. Then she’d wake up, go in the ocean with me or dad, chill out, or play with her pail and shovel.

And as far as going out, well, I didn’t quiet have the time that Jon did when we were there last year (out at the bars till they closed) but I did get to enjoy myself, and hey there was a blender at the house so there was no lack of pina coladas on this trip. We would take Ivy for a nightly walk around the harbor or down Duval and sometimes stop at a bar with outside seating. She was always very good and hung out, once even dancing and clapping along with the live music, much to the delight of the couple sitting near us who told us they just welcomed their first grandchild and were completely enamored with Ivy. Her bedtime did get pushed back by a few hours, though she compensated for this by (much to the delight of mommy) sleeping in later in the mornings. It was funny because we thought at first she would fall asleep out walking in the fresh air, but apparently there was just too much going on for her to sleep because she stayed up for most walks. So unlike last years preggo vacay, when I was back at the house most nights by 9pm, either asleep or reading a book (I read 7 books in the weeks vacation while pregnant) I did actually get to go out and do stuff and drink beer! And Cocktails! Woo!

In the end, I give Key West with a baby 5 out of 5 stars, and Key West while 7 + months pregnant 3 out of 5 stars. Ultimately both times were a great, relaxing time but it was alot easier being there with the bub outside my belly.

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