All Over the Floor

No, I’m not talking Ivy’s toys (though they too are all over the floor). I’m talking about Ivy herself. Now that she’s starting to worm around a bit, and we are encouraging her to do so, I’m really starting to think hard about the cleanliness of my floors.

The floors throughout our place are mostly hardwood, with a small area rug (which gets vacuumed pretty much every day). With the exception of our kitchen floor, which is hard slate tile that the bub is rarely on, I can’t say that our floors get mopped that often. I’m starting to rethink this floor cleaning tactic now that the bub is squirming and scootching around on her hands all over my not so clean floors.

In addition to my new found desire to mop every day, is my new found desire to enforce a shoes off please policy in the apartment. I totally have a pair of chinatwon slippers that I wear only in the house, although I have to say I’m not really into the routine of taking off my ‘street’ shoes as soon as I get into the house and putting these on.

I used to think people who asked you to take your shoes off in their house were kind of annoying and anal retentive. I was annoyed because, what the hell? What if I have cruddy old socks on with holes in the toes? What if it’s summer and I’m not wearing socks and maybe my feet are a little stinky from these shoes I should probably be wearing socks with?

Then we had a bub, and I really thought about how street shoes = dirty floors. Especially in the city. I walk around all day on nasty ass city sidewalks stepping in the remnants of dog crap, pigeon crap, vomit, cigarette butts, trash, urine and I don’t even want to think about what else . Then I walk into my house and track this all over my floors which my precious little bub is busy touching every inch of with her little hand which will eventually end up in her mouth. Ew.

So I’m definitely going to start mopping regularly, with Murphy’s Oil Soap, which is not only all natural, plant based and bio degradable, but really good for my wood floors. But as for the shoes off, well I know Jon and I will definitely start this but how can I get my guests to take them off without making anyone feel uncomfortable? I mean should it be a suggestion? How do I do this?

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2 Responses to All Over the Floor

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it’s rude at all and oddly enough-I have never encountered this issue in Canada. Maybe because it’s cold here and we wear boots half of the year? I just naturally remove our shoes at the door. I have two suggestions I have seen both done.
    1) Basket with slippers just outside door with a sign or something (if needed) alluding to the health of a crawling baby?
    2) Stretchable shoe covers (almost like surgical masks fir shoes but they are not very Eco friendly)
    Good luck and I hope you find a solution!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t make people take off their shoes but if people OFFER I say “yes please!”
    I think if you wanted to make it a house rule a basket of cheap slippers or flip-flops by the door might be a nice touch but certainly not required. The idea of all that dirty sidewalk crap totally skeeves me out too and hopefully your friends are the kind of people who would agree.

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