Vacation, all I ever wanted

In less than 2 weeks we are off to Key West, and I cannot wait! The last time we were there, I was pregnant. While it was still vacation, and I did have an awesome time, I am really looking forward to being there and not being preggo ( Ahem, cocktails). And unlike when we went to Miami last fall I am a) not so worried about my weight and b) not going to be wearing my maternity bathing suit. Yes, I will need to buy a new suit before I go but fuck it. I consider the fact that, almost one year post partum I can fit into most of my old cloths a major accomplishment. So what if I don’t fit into those tiny two pieces from the past? Before I got pregnant I dieted my ass off and worked out like a maniac to look good in them (and proceeded to gain it all back by the end of the vacay courtesy of yummy island food and drink). Someday I might get back into them, but right now I am totally fine with the fact that I will be sporting a tankini at the beach, courtesy of a few extra pounds and that pesky overhang of a belly that refuses to budge, regardless of how many sits up/crunches/moves of torture I do in combination with my cardio.

Me and Jon are already working on our agreement about taking shifts to stay home with the bub so the other one can go out with our friends. Although it’s not quiet going to be a rip roaring party time, since our friend who we are going with is preggo. And the thing I am looking forward to most is the beach anyway. Ivy did go in the ocean when we were in Miami but she was only 3 months old and barely even registered anything was going on. Having her in this time will be a lot more fun. Not to mention the whole getting away, relaxing and spending some QT with the family and our 2 best friends in the sun (don’t worry Ivy is getting one of those sun hats with the neck flap and plenty of baby sunscreen).

Oh, and of course there’s the Chocolate dipped frozen key lime pie on a stick

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