At almost 10 months old, Ivy still doesn’t crawls, scootch, or try and pull herself up. When she’s on her tummy she squirms around backwards, which she is getting pretty good at, she can pretty much cover the floor space of our entire living room (though it’s not that big) and can turn herself around in all directions. She just doesn’t go forward at all. She also seems to be figuring out the scootch on her butt when she’s on the hardwood floor. She’s been known to move an inch or two towards the cat or whatever toy, ball, sagebrush of cat hair has caught her attention and is just out of reach. She also just started going from sitting up to sort of lowering herself into the crawling position, though this often frightens her a little (it happens pretty suddenly and I’m not sure it’s intentional) and usually ends in crying.

At her 9 month checkup I mentioned this to her Dr. who waved away all my concerns. He said it’s perfectly normal, and as long as she’s trying to move there’s nothing to worry about. She is definitely trying to move, and I think she is inspired by watching the other children at the park running jumping and playing. I know soon something (probably our cat Frank) will inspire her to move it move it (sorry, cheesy song just popped into my head).

I was comforted by a friend recently who told me things didn’t really start happening with her daughter until about 10 months(Ivy will be 10 months in a few weeks). She actually made us laugh when she said she would take her to playgroups and think “Why are you just sitting there? Do something!” But shortly after she started to scootch, climb, cruise and make her way all over the place.

Since we seem to be on the brink of mobility, I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll look back to this post and think “why, why couldn’t her immobility last just a few more weeks? Just enough time for me to make this place more baby friendly” And don’t worry, I have already started baby proofing the place. One thing that will have to go though is what I keep referring to as our ‘death trap coffee table’ which has metal legs and very very sharp dangerous looking metal corners. Yeah, that’s going straight in the storage space. But all of the baby unfriendly stuff that was easily reachable is gone, and a trip to Lowes for outlet covers and those squishy corner covers for furniture is in our near future. But that coffee table has got to go! there is no baby proofing that thing!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My best local mama friend has an adorable and almost totally immobile daughter. A is now 14 months and doesn’t crawl or walk at all. She’s finally started scooting on her butt while she sits and can cruise while holding on to furniture but she refuses to stand on her own. Her doctor said there’s no way to MAKE a child walk but once A decides to walk it will probably be instant. 10 months is still REALLY early so don’t stress yet!

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