Adventures in Baby Food Part 2: Have teeth, will chew.

Ok, that title is a bit misleading. Though Ivy does have 2 tiny little nubbin teeth (and there are not enough words to write a blog post about the hell on wheels that was happening in our house when those suckers were breaking the gums) she’s not exactly ‘chewing’ stuff yet. Though she does kind of mash it up w/ her gums and her nubbin teeth.

But the biggest new thing that is sort of happening (huh?) is that she now will feed herself. Okay, not really. One time she managed to get some of the food from the spoon into her mouth. And when we hand her food she will bring it to her mouth and sort of suck on it. She does this with teething cookies, bits of pasta and peas. Actually the other day she successfully put a pea in her mouth and ate it. And one time, she slurped a tiny bit of tomato off on of her little pasta pieces.

She is also starting to master her sippy cup a bit better. I’m a big fan of the munchkin sippy cup, which unlike the first one I bought her (an Avent one) she can actually get the juice/water out of it easily. Trust, I tried that Avent one and you had to suck hard to get a sip. At first, she couldn’t get the concept of tilting it back enough to get anything, but she’s quickly learning.

She has started sitting in her highchair, since mealtimes were getting to messy for just the bumboo on the floor or my lap. Let me rephrase that: I was tired of cleaning up food from all over the carpet, couch, etc. So Jon bust out the high chair. It’s a really sweet old wooden high chair that a friend gave us and Ivy looks super cute and old fashioned in it.

This, THIS is the pea I’m going to eat

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