I am working on this epic, philosophical post in honor of Ivy being 9 months old. But, in the interest of trying to keep up the facade that I actually have a current blog (you know, for that one person out there who may check back on a regular basis hi mom! ) I thought I write about some of the major milestone’s Ivy has been hitting lately.

While she’s not crawling or cruising yet, she’s definitely on the verge. Yesterday she actually was up on all 4’s for one shaky second. And she scoots backwards while on her tummy and can turn herself around in a 180. Thanks to her jumperoo, her legs are really strong and she will push back on the floor when you try and make her ‘stand’.

But the biggest leap and bound I’ve noticed lately has been in her language/ Let me tell you this is one vocal baby. Like most, she stared with dadadadada and bababababa. Now she’s got like an entire vocabulary of babble. My husband said the other day “he can feel the conversation ready to bust out of her”. It’s true. In the mornings, when she wakes up, she usually spends 10 or so minutes ‘talking’ to her friend, Mr. Hedgehog the soft toy who stays in the crib with her. And it’s not like she’s repeating the same babble over and over, there’s like, a lot of different babble in the baby talk. A babble conversation, if you will.

Another thing that’s huge is her sitting up really strong. She does occasionally tip over, but for the most part she can sit up on her own for ages. I’ve even adjusted her stroller so she’s in a more upright position so she can see more of what’s going on when we stroll around the park and the streets of Brooklyn. She also now sits in the shopping cart when we go grocery shopping. She loves the grocery store and all the stimulating fruit and veg in the produce section. And the biggest deal about this whole sitting up on her own thing was the other night when we are all out to dinner and she spent the whole time in a high chair. She drank from her sippy cup, gummed a french fry and laughed with us. She was perfect!

But, best of all there was yesterday, when we went to the park to enjoy the last of the nice weather before the weekend rain. I decided she was ready for those bucket swings. At first, she was unsure, but once a little boy was in the swing next to her hooting at hollering, she warmed up to it.


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2 Responses to Milestones

  1. Anonymous says:

    i check it on a regular basis too!!!
    I love the blog and the pics–they are awesome!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey cuz, i actually read this all the time 🙂

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