Got my shit on lockdown

I had this epiphany the other night. It was 2 am and I was totally suffering from insomnia, being kept awake by the dumbest irrational thoughts. But somewhere, in there was a (somewhat) rational worry. It had to do with the very ‘public’ part of the internet. We all know there are horrible , weird (I can’t even link because I daren’t google) people out there in the big wide interwebz. And the things you write on your blog can totally get you fired from your job , and in general an overshare, rant or badmouthing in this very very public arena, can come back to bite you in the ass someday.

Although I’m not too worried about something I typed here coming back to bite me in the ass. Unless of course Ivy discovers this in some archive of the ancient old internet when she’s 16 and is all “Mooooooom – why did you have to blog about my poop??” But, the actual worry that popped into my head that sleepless night was about the aforementioned weirdos. And my very public blog about my baby daughter, and my somewhat public facebook profile with pictures of my gorgeous baby girl.

Look I’m not saying every stranger on the internet is some weird pedophile stalker. But, just in case I’ve taken some precautions. Like making it so my facebook photos can only be viewed by friends (not that whole giant New York, NY network) and that only friends can see my information, etc. I also did some friend ‘house cleaning’ and got rid of people I don’t really know, you know, those that are somewhat loosely connected to me by the organization I work for or the groups I’m involved in or whatever. While I was at it I also let go of some of those old high school friends that I have zero connection whatsoever with.

I know that I can’t protect Ivy from all that is bad, weird and scary out there, but I can at least give myself a little piece of mind by taking these measures. Which really are just common sense. That I didn’t think of until just a few nights ago.

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