It’s like high school all over again

Ivy is getting to the point where she really needs to start hanging out with other babies. Problem is, most of the friends I have with babies close to her age don’t really live close enough for us to hang out with. Since breastfeeding never really worked out I stopped going to the breastfeeding group, and though I did sign up for the “Slings in the city” Brooklyn baby wearing list, because there were a few meetings in the past, you know, meetings I couldn’t go to because I was working. But all I get from that list these days is spam. The Sunset Park parents email list I’m on only has a playgroup for parents with toddlers, so that’s useless. I did just sign up for a meetup group, but I’m not holding out any hope for that being any more. (FYI I started this post like 5 days ago and still haven’t even been approved by the moderator of that group so, I doubt it’s very active)

So here I am feeling kinda mom friendless and insecure about my baby not developing the right social skills because her mom never brought her to hang out with other babies when she should have been. And I’m like, Wait? Am I 14 and a freshman in high school again? Finding out that some friends that put up with my wacky ways in junior high refuse to be seen with me in the hallway for fear of being labeled a freak, and that the older punk rock girls dislike me because uh, maybe the older boys like me? Ah, insecurities about friendships I thought you and I were over!

Another thing that makes me feel like being a mom is high school part two are all the labels associated with your parenting. There’s so many, and yet none of them really apply to me. I’m definitely nothing like a helicopter parent ; I think my parenting style leans more towards attachment parenting , minus a few things. I try to be eco-friendly about things, but gave up on any form of green diapering ages ago, although I would still consider myself ‘greener’ than most, I’m not exactly a die-hard plastic shunning cloth diaper using mama. I’m not even going to go where googling ‘parenting styles’ just took me because it’s just beyond ridiculous and my head might explode. Authoritarian? Wha?

I guess, in the end I should probably just do what I did in high school: relax and not give a fuck. I mean, eventually I will find some friends with kids around Ivy’s age even if the internet couldn’t help me.

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