Date Night

So despite the fact that we never really ‘celebrate’ Valentines Day, we have not been out together, just the two of us in about 8 months, so we decided yesterday was the day. I’ve barely been out without the baby actually. Just once in Miami, during the tattoo show, my friend Pam stayed in our room while Ivy slept so I could go see our friends band play at the show. While we were in England I managed to get in a few hours at the pub before Ivy’s crying drove my in laws to cut our night out short (it wasn’t her fault, she was jet lagged). And last month, I got to have some late night fun over a friends house for a birthday party while my mom watched Ivy. But aside from these times, which I can count on one hand, I either stay home or hit a stroller friendly place for brunch or an early dinner.

So yesterday my sister came over in the afternoon and we went to a matinée to see The Wolfman, followed by a late lunch/early dinner. The hilarious part was when we got to the movie, and were trying to find a seat, we sat down in the back next to a couple that brought their baby to the movies. I wish I was joking but no, they brought a baby to see The Wolfman. Needless to say, we moved our seats, but when the lights went dark and the baby in the back started crying we couldn’t help but laugh. I mean seriously? Who brings a baby to the movies? I do have to comment, that that kid was pretty darn good throughout though, we only heard her cry like twice through the whole show. There were plenty of kids and babies at the restaurant, which was kind of expected since it’s Park Slope, and you can’t go anywhere without bumping into (literally) someone pushing a kid in an overpriced stroller.

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job of being out and not constantly worrying/ thinking about the baby. I mean, obviously she was with my sister not some babysitter but this is probably the first time I spent an extended period of time away from her when she wasn’t asleep. I only checked in twice, and Jon and I had a lovely afternoon and conversations that didn’t center around poop or pureed vegetables. Hopefully there is more of this in our future.

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