A Hair Raising Vision of the Future

The other night I had Ivy sitting on her play mat, otherwise entertained by baby blocks and other toys while I proceeded to pull all the little fuzzies out of her hair that tangle up into little tiny baby dreadlocks. I had only just noticed that one of her cute little curls on the side was starting to dread up, so I had to take action.

And as I sat there un-dreading my 7 month olds hair, it hit me. Someday in the not very far off future (god help us) we are going to have a little girl that we are going to be responsible for getting up, groomed and out the door for school. And not just her hair brushed, face washed and dressed, but breakfast fed, teeth washed school things together ready. And by “we” I mean “me” because based on the existing trend of me getting up with Ivy every single morning to change and feed her before I start getting ready, I can’t see Jon deciding to start jumping out of bed at 7 am just because she’s started school.

This is a frightening prospect. You see my morning routine goes something like this; I set the alarm an hour before I actually have to be up, in order to allow for adequate snooze time, and then I sleep in anyway. I then spend the hour I have getting Ivy settled and myself ready by running around like a crazy person. The end result is that I usually still end up forgetting a step. Today, I failed to put any makeup on. Some days, I run out of time before I can make a lunch to take with me.

But back to the subject of hair, which I am especially terrified about. As someone who tells her stylist to cut it as short and low maintenance as possible, with minimal need for a blow dryer (because I only blow dry when it’s cold out and I’m running late) the possibility of having to do someone else’s hair is enough to give me chills. Throw in the fact that Jon has really curly hair, and it looks like Ivy’s might go that way too and OMG! HALP!! Also adding to my terror is the time honored truth that hair is important to little girls. I remember having long hair and being so proud of my pretty ponytails and braids that my mother did for me. So, uh I can only hope for Ivy growing up a tomboy and wanting short hair like her mommy. Or her dad somehow proving to have skillz when it comes to hair, but I think we have a better chance on the first one. Also: OMG school! I can’t even think about it without my heart breaking a little. I’m glad that this is still many years in the future, and not just because I’m scared of doing her hair.

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One Response to A Hair Raising Vision of the Future

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey it’s xander
    Well there is always one parent that has to do more and it’s usually the one that wanted kids in the first place. Yep, I’m the one that spends about 90% of the time with them plus I get up at all hours of the night when they wake up. I average maybe 4 hours sleep a night. Hang in there, it’s only 2 more years to preschool.

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