7 Month Stats

We had a trip to the pediatrician for a checkup today. Because we’re bad parents* this was what was supposed to be her 6 month checkup, so there was another round of vaccines involved, which Ivy actually handled pretty well. She got more upset when the Dr. was poking around in her mouth for teeth (there are none) than when she got the jabs.

And what we were all dying to know was how much does she weigh now? and is she still of the charts? And the answer is; yes, yes she is. She weighs in at 22lbs and measures 29 1/2 inches long. I think her head was something like 46 or 49 cm (I never remember this one). The Dr. marked her stats on the growth chart and she is still weigh above that curved line, but he said her weight is on target for her length, followed by “She’s going to be a tall girl”

Everything else went well. It was cute when he was asking about her developmental milestones (sitting up, rolling over, etc.) she took her binkie out of her mouth with one hand and transfered it to the other and he was like “Oh I see she can transfer objects from hand to hand”. No crawling yet, though she does turn herself around in a one eighty kind of circle, and has on occasion scooted herself backwards. The Dr. didn’t seem concerned that she wasn’t crawling or scooting yet (she IS only 7 months old- though he did say sometimes big babies tend to develop faster than the rest) and just said to make sure she gets plenty of tummy time.

In language milestones, she babbles away and now even makes little ‘sentences’ with her babble. Her biggest ‘word’ so far is dada or, as she likes to say dadadadadadadDADADA!!! But she’s also a fan of Bababababa. She’s just figuring out the ‘S’ ‘T’ sound and we think that the actual first word she says that she knows what it refers to is going to be ‘cat’ because every time Frank or Stella come around we say “cat” and she goes “Tttttt” or sometimes “dat”. Another thing she’s learned – raspberries and fart noises. She will sit sometimes for like 20 minutes going brrrrrrrp and ppppppppp, which is cute. We were in th grocery store the other day and someone looked at her and said “Oh my what a cute baby” and her response was a ppppppppttt.

Something very new and cute that Ivy does now (that we didn’t actually discuss with her Dr.) is give ‘kisses’. She’s done it to me a handful of times, she grabs my head, and plants one on the cheek, with her mouth open in a little smile. The first time she did it was when I had just gotten home from a long day and work and I picked her up and she gave me a kiss, then my heart promptly exploded.

All in all, she’s right on target and hasn’t even been crabby today after the vaccines !!

*We’re not bad, we’re just busy. We wanted to take her in Dec when she was closer to 6 months before we went to England but because of the vaccines it had to be exactly 2 months or later in between so we had to wait until we got back. Then we got busy, and well, the peditrician totally understood.

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