Away We went Part 1: The Planeride

So we’re spending this holiday season in the UK with jon’s parents. I have a lot to post about in terms of traveling with a baby, being in a foreign country with a baby, and staying for a prolonged period of time in a house that is not your own, with a baby.

But first, lets start with the journey here. It’s a 7 hour flight from NY to London. We took a red eye, meaning we left at night to arrive the next morning. We do this all the time when we travel, get on the plane, have afew drinks, watch a movie, pass out and wake up in London.

I was aprehensive about the flight with the baby, but figured that taking a red-eye would mean she’d sleep for most of it. When we were checking in we were happy to see the couple next to us had a toddler and a baby about Ivy’s age. While we waited for boarding, we met another couple with an 8 month old. Never in my life had I been so excited to be on a plane with 1/2 a dozen infants. Since this was transatlantic, we had to pay extra for Ivy. This meant we got to sit at the bulkhead, and got a little ‘cot’ for Ivy which snapped into the wall in front of us for her. On takeoff and landing, we had to hold her on our lap and snap her into a special seatbelt. Right after takeoff, she fell asleep and we thought ‘YES – she’s going to sleep for the whole flight now’

How very wrong we were. While she slept through the meal and for the first hour, she woke up after that. She was so impossibly tired, but even when i picked her up and tried to rock her, someone behind us on the plane would make a noise, and she would pick her little head up off my shoulder and start smiling like ‘Whoa check out all these people!’ We even bust out her little speaker and tried Bob Marley, but to no avail. The flight attendent seemed to understand, and would come over and offer us drinks every time she would act up. Since there’s that roaring noise on the plane noone seemed to mind much that we had a fussy baby with us.

The funniest too was the baby communication that seemed to be going on. It would be quite for a while, then one of the babies would kick off, and the others would all start. And, at the end of the flight all the parents met up bleary eyed while we waited for our gate checked item; strollers, car seats, etc. And while walking from the plane to customs, the elevators were filled with parents and babies.

All in all, it wasn’t that bad flying internationally with her. We’ll see how the flight home goes – that way is always longer. But just wait until I post about Baby Jetlag!!

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