Simple Pleasures

I’m big on fancy shower gels and lotions, especially now that I get seriously little time to relax in the shower, it’s all about making those sacred minutes awesome, with scents and of course, positive results. One thing I can’t stand is fruity yummy smelling lotions and bath potions that either don’t deliver on the moisture front or worse, dry out your skin. Bath and Body Works is a big offender in that last category. I think the first ingredient in their lotion is actually alcohol, however much sense that makes. It smells great, but actually has an adverse effect on your skin.

On a recent shopping trip to Sephora to pick up something to bring to England for my mother in law, I decided to get myself a little something. I gifted myself with The Winter Escape Philosophy gift set. I have been pretty much obsessed with their all-in-one shampoo and body wash as a shower gel for several years. It started with The Hot Coco flavor, then to Vanilla Ice Cream, and on to Chocolate Chip Cookie. This gift set has a small Peppermint Hot Cocoa body wash, a small Melting marshmallow ‘Body Souffle’ (fancy talk for lotion) and a Melting Marshmallow lip shine. The body lotion and lip stuff are the be all end all of personal care products. While their products are not super cheap – the gift set was $19 and has small sizes of each product except for the lip shine, and their 16 oz. shower gel is around $16- they are super worth it for a simple shower time indulgence. Which is why I’ve been pretty obsessed with Philosophy’s products. Because not only do they smell lovely, they are actually really rich and good for my (dry) skin. And it’s not just like, oh yummy smelling. It’s like when you put this Marshmallow lotion on you are floating in a cup of hot coco and you look up in the steam and there’s a rainbow above you and unicorns and fluffy kittens floating around with you. It’s that good

I also like the ‘Bodycology’ line which they sell at Ulta and some drug stores (Duane Reade carries it). It’s not as rich as Philosophy, but it’s pretty good, and has some good ‘flavors’. I’m a big fan of the Coconut Lime shower gel. I used their Vanilla Buttercream body butter when I was preggo last winter and suffering from seriously dry skin, and an itchy stretched out belly. It was really rich (I think the first ingredient listed is shea butter) and smelled like a bakery, which was an added perk. An added bonus is, these products won’t empty your wallet – I think a 16 oz shower gel is around $8.99 and the lotions range from $10 – 12

If you really want to indulge, there’s Korres natural products. All I can say is oh my god about their Guava Body butter. It smells like a tropical vacation and it’s suuuuper rich and does amazing things for dry skin. I used this when I was pregnant also. As far as indulgence, it’s as good as it gets. You mid as well be on a beach in the Caribbean sipping fruity rum filled drinks while you’re being fanned by palm tree leaves. This is the most indulgent but also the most expensive. At $29 for 8 oz, it’s, as the English would say “Quiet dear”, but so worth every penny you spend. It’s also free of all the weird chemicals and has very few ingredients, which is nice. Needless to say, this one is my favorite, though I usually buy Philosophy because it’s a little easier on my wallet.

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