Kermit was right….

….it’s not easy being green! I try my best so here’s a list of ways I am and am not green.

Ways I am green
* We use environmentally friendly/biodegradeable cleaning products almost exclusively. My kitchen, floors and furniture are all cleaned with products like Citra – solve and Murphy’s oil soap (which was ‘green’ before it was cool). There are a few exceptions to this rule: I use swiffer’s to dust and every few months I have to break down and use one of those bad for you bad for the environment shower foamer mildew remover jobbies. Because the ‘green’ way to scrub away all that crap takes too much elbow grease and sadly isn’t as effective.

* We recycle what we can, and are very good about giving away our gently used stuff on free-cycle or to the thrift shop

* We walk a lot of places or use public transport. Yes, we drive more than most New Yorkers but we definitely offset our driving by taking public transport most places.

* We buy in bulk. Giant containers of laundry detergent; dish soap; mayo, you name it. If they sell a giant container of it at cost-co and I use it, chances are I buy it in bulk.

* As far as baby care, I use chlorine free baby wipes from 7th generation, although these are not biodegradable. Neither are the scratchy brown chlorine free 7th gen. diapers (which I don’t use). All of her products like lotion and baby wash are also all naturally. Aside from the environment I don’t really want to wash my baby in stuff that contains parabens and Laureth-sulfates among other scary ingredients.

* Diapers can really go into both categories. I am thinking of giving the g-diapers a try again since her poops are not so, uh, explosive but for now I’m using Huggie’s Natural Care which are made from organic cotton (but are probably bleached and definitely are not biodegradable). They are however less plasticky then regular diapers, but they still do result in lots and lots of garbage.

* When I do laundry I never use the dryer. Actually I am kind of forced into this because we don’t have a dryer in our apartment and there isn’t one in our buildings laundry area. But still, it’s green. We have a drying rack and also a laundry line out our back window.

*Ivy’s stuff – we tried really hard not to nuts with a ton of gear. We bought some of the nursery furniture from a baby consignment shop, and a lot of her toys are cloth and wood. I plan on keeping a lot of stuff for the next baby and have been giving the stuff we’re not keeping to my friend with new babies.

*We use reusable shopping bags when we can and re-use our plastic bags for tiny trash bags.

Ways I am not Green

* See above about the diapers. Mountains and mountains of trash are created weekly from one little baby.

* My personal care products. Aside from a few token Burt’s Bee’s products, and some organic shower gel and body lotion my mom gave me, most of my health and beauty aids are not in any way shape or form green. They are laden with chemicals and not biodegradable.

* I don’t use environmentally friendly laundry products either. I tried some, but most of these things contain lavender, which I can’t stand. Also, I don’t feel like they clean as well.

*Oh my god, batteries. The bouncy chair alone has consumed so many batteries it’s insanity. But I can’t seem to find any re-chargeable D batteries (that’s what the chair uses). I have kept the past few batches until I can find a place to recycle them.

*Oh, and the car we drive? It’s a ’63 Buick Skylark. Not exactly fuel efficient.

So actually, when I look at the list it doesn’t seem SO BAD. I’m sure I’m “greener” than most but I think i still have a long way to go. What’s your biggest ‘green’ downfall?

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