An Affair of the Heart

I’m not sure anyone out there can know exactly how I feel, but I am completely, utterly in love with CVS. And not CVS in general, but a very specific CVS. That would be the CVS on 9th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn.

I’m not sure exactly why, but there are 2 very good reasons for this love affair. The first, is it’s open 24 hours. While we haven’t had to use this perk just yet, for some reason it comforts me to know, should I suddenly run out of diapers at 3 am, I can go there. Should the baby need a prescription filled at 4 am, I can go there. The second reason is, it has a parking lot. Yes, this matters and I’ll tell you why. We live on 40th Street. This CVS is on 9 Street. That’s 31 blocks away and I can tell you right now we never walk or take the subway there. So the parking lot makes us very happy. Not to mention there is also an HSBC (our bank) and a grocery store right on the block, so we can go into CVS for one thing and not feel bad about parking there while we bank and pick up some groceries. These kinds of things matter!

While this specific branch of CVS isn’t very big and doesn’t stock as much fun stuff as the brand new Duane Reade in Sunset Park, for some reason it has totally won over my heart. And then I singed up for the CVS extra care rewards card, and all of a sudden I’m getting coupons for $ off my whole purchase. It’s 2% cash back on ALL of your purchases – even prescriptions! And I can go online and print coupons for things i actually use like toilet paper and diapers. That little tag on my key chain is getting me something. And now I can also refill prescriptions online- not to mention the fact there’s also a CVS 3 blocks from my office, so if I feel like stopping by on my way home, it’s easy and on my way to the train.

I’m not sure exactly when I started to get excited about these little details but there it is. ANd I love you CVS.

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