Baby’s first “food”

As you know from reading this blog, I have a very big baby. So big in fact that about a month ago we noticed she was sucking down her bottles like it was nobodies business. When we asked her Dr, he said we could introduce solids at this point since it seemed like she needed to start getting her calories from a variety of foods, not just breastmilk and formula. So we started with Rice Cereal. Earth’s Best organic rice cereal to be exact and boy was she ready. I had been letting her ‘play’ with her little baby spoon a few times, so the first time went amazingly smooth. After the first few spoon fulls she was opening her mouth like a little bird waiting for that cereal.

That was about a month ago and since then we have tried bananas, sweet potato and apple puree. The banana didn’t go so well at first, but once we figured out we have to let them get very soft (and sweet) and NOT mix them with any kind of breast milk or formula she was all about the ‘nana. The sweet potato didn’t go so well either, and we are still working on this one (there’s an icecube tray of pureed sweet potato in our freezer right now waiting for her).

Today we tried pureed apple and boy did she LOVE it. Not that I thought she wouldn’t but I wasn’t expecting such an enthusiastic response. After a few spoon fulls she actually grabbed the spoon from me and shoved it into her mouth. A bit of the puree had dropped down onto her and she picked it up and put it in her mouth. No kidding this child was crazy about apple. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that during the early stages of my pregnancy I was crazy about all things apple.

I can’t wait to expand her palate. I’m excited for both avocado and peas, although I’m not sure these are as palatable as the apple and banana. But we’ll see. The funniest thing about her “eating” food now is that when we eat food she watches us so intently and opens and closes her mouth like “Oh hi mom can you just spoon some of that tuna salad in here? Thanks”

On the flip side, there is of course the poop factor. Yeah, I’m gonna go there. Because you know we have to deal with it. When she went on her ‘poop strike’ a few months ago the pediatrician said we could give her some diluted juice to help, and we did, and boy did it help. So you can imagine the effect that these new fruits have on her. Not to mention the, er, consistency of what comes out. I’ll leave you with these thoughts but I just hope this one potty trains early. Oh God potty training .

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