Bedtime Stories

I think I am getting schooled for bragging all the time about what a good sleeper Ivy is. And I had bragging rights because she was a good sleeper. I think going to bed at 9-ish and sleeping until 7-ish is considered good. She hasn’t woken up for a middle of the night feeding since she was like a month and half old.

Lately it seems that all this talk of a ‘good sleeper’ has come back to bite me in the ass. For the past week, it seems that getting her to sleep at her ‘bedtime’ is becoming harder and harder. Last night she didn’t go to sleep until midnight! I was yawning and wanting to go to sleep and she was wailing away because, well, she was tired. A few nights before that when bedtime rolled around she wanted to laugh and play and giggle the night away.

She still has been more often than not going to bed at her normal time, and sleeping through the night. Here and there she’ll wake up at odd times, but she doesn’t usually stay awake for long. A few nights ago I woke up and heard her cooing away in the cosleeper at 3 am, but she put herself back to sleep with no intervention from me.

As soon as we fix the door to the nursery we are going to start putting her to bed in the crib. Right now we can’t do this because the door can be easily pushed open by the cats and Frank thinks the crib is his bed. Hopefully this transition goes well.

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