It’s not like I started Smoking or anything

But I have picked up one hell of a bad habit since returning to work post baby. It’s the diet coke habit. One could actually point the finger at caffeine in general but I don’t feel so bad about the cups of coffee I consume while at work. But the diet coke kills me. It’s gross! I don’t know why I feel the need every afternoon to crack one open, but there it is. I hate the taste of aspartamine but for some reason crave diet coke like clockwork.

My justification goes like this: we all need a little afternoon pick me up. Since I have a cup of morning coffee I just don’t want it later in the day. A can of regular coke has way too much sugar, so enter it’s evil diet counterpart.

I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about it. I mean it’s not like I’m smoking cigarettes or partaking in the desk gin mid-day. It’s just a little fake sweetener, it never hurt anyone. Right? Right!?!?

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