Rockin out with baby

I am dying to post here all about Miami and Ivy’s first adventures in the great big ocean, but to do so requires pictures and since both my camera AND computer are now broken this will not be happening anytime soon.

So I’ll post instead about music. We love music in our household. My parents exposed me to a wide variety of music growing up, everything from classical to classic rock. Jon is the same so needless to say baby Ivy is exposed to a wide variety of tunes. She was, after all, born to Bob Marley.

After reading about it on Bebehblog, I got the Rockabye baby Lullaby renditions of Metallica CD. This is probably the only “kids” music we have on file right now.It’s so great – totally soothing for Ivy and Jon and I have the best time trying to figure out just which Metallica song we are listening too.

Ivy has a playlist of reggae she falls asleep to almost every night. It contains awesome mellow songs like “Ketchy Shuby” by Peter Tosh which I LOVE to sing to her,”Hush Darling” by Gregory Issacs; “Young Generation” by Desmond Dekker and “Mellow Mood” by Bob Marley which is like a lullaby anyway (“Quiet is the night….please…turn out the light….I’ll play your favorite song…darling…we can rock it all night long darling…’coz I’ve got love darling…love sweet love darling”). Sure, as she gets older I may want to rethink lulling her to sleep with “legalize it” by Peter Tosh, but for now nothing puts her to sleep faster than some soothing reggae.

But she’s not just a tiny rasta in training. She loves the Beatles (Hi, Octopus’s Garden, Piggies and Rocky Raccoon), The Ramones, and the O’Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. Our daytime playlist contains everything from Billy Idol (“Dancing with Myself”) to Beyonce and she’s been known to sing along to “D’yer Mak’er” by Led Zeppelin (Oh, oh oh oh oh oh…)

And you can adapt just about anything to a silly song for baby. Case in point “Come on Eileen” which I change to “Come on Ivy, oh I think you should sleep, ‘coz I know that you’re tired so come on Ivy…look at those eyes, oh they’re starting to droop, so come on Ivy”

So, until she’s ready for whatever tween sensation Disney is pushing on the children (God help us) she’s pretty content to Rock out with Mom and Dad.

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One Response to Rockin out with baby

  1. Anonymous says:

    You heard about that from me? I don’t even remember! They actually make a country version too, which I just sent my best friend and she loves it. I’m still trying to decide which one I want the most.
    – Suzanne

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