Wii Fat

Going back to work and having an incredibly limited amount of my old work clothing to wear has made me feel like I want to start getting bitten by the fitness bug. Also adding to this: the fact that I am going to Miami, a beach place and will still be wearing my maternity bathing suit (It’s not that bad I just haven’t been motivated enough to go buy a new suit and there is no way in HELL that I would try to wear one of my older suits)

However, there are several obstacles to this, the most prominent of which is my time. As in, I don’t have any of it to dedicate to working out the way I used to. See, long before I got preggo there was a time when I was pretty fit. My gym (crunch) offered a wide variety of great classes, and I was an avid yogi with a weekly dose of something hard core like either an ultimate conditioning class, or something way crazy like cardio tai box or yoga ride – which was 45 minuted of beginner spin with 45 minutes of yoga following. I peppered that with a few days of cardio on the machines or circuit training.

But, several months before I got preggo I got lazy and was paying crunch alot of money for a little workout there. In the early stages of pregnancy I tried working out, but as I chronicled here, I was so damn tired that even 20 minutes on the treadmill was too much. SO I froze my membership (until December actually).

But the problem with the old routine is that there were very specific classes at exact times. These days I am lucky to get out the door at a set time even when I plan for 2 hours of getting ready. I think I should get a medal for just getting to work at the required time every morning!

And also, there’s childcare while I am working out. Maybe I could get to the gym once or twice a week, but not the 3-4 times a week I was used to. Unless I get up super early in the am (like 5 am), but that’s just crazytalk.

Now, you may read this and think I am just making excuses for being lazy, but I’m not!! I do have long walks with the baby at least 3 times a week, which is good.

Tonight I decided I’d give Wii Fit a try. I yelled several times at the set up “ I just had a freaking baby” as it took in my height and weight and told me my BMI makes me obese, and my Wii fit age is 41. Yeah, what? 10 years older than I am Did I mention I just had a freaking baby?

The workout itself was kind of annoying and I can’t wait until I ‘unlock’ the part where I can do an actual continuous workout instead of isolated strength training or yoga. I did have tons of fun with the hula hoop game, and believe it or not my old obese ass* actually worked up a sweat. The Wii cyber trainer they give you is weird and annoyhing and repeats herself a lot. I also feel like some of the excerise might be weird to do on that little balance board -but we’ll seee.

Since the Wii fit is at home I can work in (out) when it’s convenient to me which is a big bonus I guess. I gave myself a reasonable ‘goal’ to be healthy according to Wii, so we’ll see how I do.

*hahahaha I crack myself up

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So is that a yes or a no in the recommend column? I’ve been thinking about getting a Wii Fit for like a zillion years but never actually did it. I think the worst part would be when it told me my weight. Yikes!

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