Have Baby will travel

In a few weeks, Jon, Ivy and I will be going to Miami for this. Yes, this means taking the baby for her first plane ride. I had the choice of purchasing a seat for Ivy that I could strap her car seat base into and have her travel that way. Since we waited until the last possible minute to book though, we chose not to do that. If the flight isn’t fully booked we will get a seat next to an empty seat, but if it is, then it’s infant in arms for us. Although, to keep me rational I am going to have her strapped to my chest in the ergo baby carrier. I’ve been carrying her around the house in it so she can get used to long periods of time in it. We are seeing her pediatrician so I’ll ask him for any tips and suggestions for flying with the baby.

It’s not so much the flight that is bothering me as it is the stuff I am going to have to travel with and how the heck am I going to get it all there – especially since I’m sure we will have to pay for every bag we check.We are going to be in sunny Florida for a week. And there’s so much stuff! A week with no washing machine!

It’s hard enough to go away for a few days. I am packing the entire back of the car when we go see my mom for just a weekend. And the real challenge is, some of the things I can just throw in the back of the car are not as easy when it’s air travel we’re talking about. I guess we will have to do without the bouncy chair for a week. How can Ivy go an entire week without her beloved bouncy chair? I guess we may have to figure out how to dismantle and pack it. But the bags can’t be too heavy or else the airline will charge the shit out of us! And we still have to bring our stuff for the week. Did I mention no washing machine? I guess I am going to have to find a lundremat or something because I’m not sure the three of us (or Ivy and I at least) can go for a week with no laundrey.

But it should be fun and I’m looking forward to a week near the beach! Even if it’s going to be drastically different than my last beach vacation in Florida!

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