Back to Work

Starting last week I have been going back to work on a not really full time basis. I spend most of the day in the office on the 2 week days that Jon is off, and for now, on the days he works I go in early and work until 12:30. Then I go downtown and meet him at the tattoo shop, where we do “the handoff” with Ivy. After I pick her up, I usually head back to Brooklyn, and try to do some work from home. I say try because since this routine has started, my little girl has become one seriously fussy baby in the afternoons. Luckily, most of what I do is emailing, so it doesn’t matter if she’s crying in the background.

Being back at the office has been ok. The hardest thing is trying to fit in my pumping schedule while trying to get as much done as I can in the short time I’m there. My boss has been away so I’ve been using his office which is hilarious to me. One of my co-workers had a baby a month before me, so she set up one of the unused offices (with a locking door) as a pumping room which I’ll have to start using now that my boss is back in town.

It’s nice to see all my coworkers, and today Jon dropped the baby off at the office so everyone could meet her and talk in really high-pitched voices to her. I guess the hardest thing for me (and probably Ivy) is being away from the baby. I miss all our cuddle time, and since I’m usually already up and getting ready when she gets up, Jon handles her first am feeding and gets her when she’s the most pleasant. I’m also kinda pissed I can’t watch Days of Our Lives anymore (shut up).

I am also finding that not as much is getting done. Actually, let me correct that: the little that was getting done when I was home is now no longer getting done. So basically, nothing is getting done. Jon does great with cleaning and laundrey on his days off, but the rest of the week the place is in the shit can.

Another challenge is my wardrobe. My maternity clothes are getting too big, and also, they’re mostly summer things but I’m not yet fitting into my old stuff (or even close for that matter). I have one pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that fit, and a few shirts but that’s it. I suppose I should just break down and buy new work wear in bigger sizes, as drawstring pants and loose t-shirts are not really office appropriate.

It’s not that pleasant taking her home on the subway either. There’s an elevator at the stop nears Jon’s work but not at our home stop in Brooklyn so that means carrying my 15 + pound baby and the 17 pound stroller up the stairs, not to mention all the crap I carry around for me and the baby. And nobody ever offers help! Actually once this old guy offered help but I had just seen him drinking whiskey on the train (at 1 in the afternoon!) so I told him I was fine, thanks.

Hopefully soon we can figure out some kind of schedule that doesn’t involve 3 days of this, but for now, Ivy is a commuter. She’s the classic New Yorker too – she sleeps! I guess soon I’ll have to get her a tiny iPod šŸ˜€

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