Off the Charts

Today was Ivy’s 2 month checkup , even though she’s 2 and 1/2 months now her initial appointment was the day my dad was admitted to the hospital. I almost fell over when she got weighed and weighed in at…..are you ready for this?

15 pounds 4 ounces

Yeah, um my infant is a giant. She’s 25 inches long and I don’t remember what her head measured but I can guarantee it was just as big as the rest of her. The Dr. actually said “WOW! She’s off the charts!” When he came in. He then said that she was healthy and didn’t want us to worry that she was headed for obesity. I told him how much she eats and everything. She’s right on target developmentally, and he even commented on how strong she was when he was testing her whatever by pulling her up by her arms. He was surprised when I said she sleeps through the night and even commented that “Now you can enjoy her” since we’re all well rested (What?). When we asked about starting solids he said “With this one you can probably start around 4 months – though if you want you can wait until 6 months”.

Then came the immunizations. No, I am not one of those crazy people who think vaccines = autism and for my childs sake, not to mention the sake of other children she’ll be exposed to we are getting her vaccinated for everything. She got 3 shots today and had to drink something for Rotavirus. The shots, of course were combined for a whole bunch of stuff I won’t remember but what stuck out was Hep B, Pertussis, and Polio. As soon as the first jab was over she started to scream her little head off. By the time the third one was done she was totally red and completely upset. I cuddled her and soother her, though she continued to cry while we strapped her back into her car seat and snapped it into the stroller. By the time we got to the elevator she was smiling again. She was so pleasant in fact that we stopped and had bagel for breakfast on the way home. When we got home, she fell asleep.

I thought to myself that she was handling this well. Perhaps a little too well. Once she woke from her little nap she began to wail. And Wail, and wail. The kind of crying that makes her whole body turn red and the funny gurgling noises come from her throat because she’s crying so hard she’s gurgling her spit.

Lucky for me she’s been sleeping most of the day, though when she wakes up it’s back to wailing. She gets so upset she can barely eat, although she has eaten her normal amount of times so far (Hey she’s got to maintain her figure!)

We went for a walk and although she didn’t sleep much she didn’t wail too much either. Until we began our final ascent up the hill home. Then she cried so hard all my neighbors looked at me like “What the fuck are you doing to that baby?” Except for the other mothers – they kind of gave me a sympathetic look. I should have just hung a little sign on her stroller that say “I got immunizations today”.

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