Computer issues and a lovely morning at the beach

Well my 5 year old mac G4 powerbook has up and died. And by died I mean the screen went completely grey the other day and when I restarted it all I got was a little folder with a ? On it. I looked up some tech support on the apple website usong my iPod but none of their tricks worked. This really gets my goat for 2 reasons. The first is we recently invested a few hundred $’s to upgrade the memory and OS. The second is my maternity leave is over in a few weeks (waaahhh!) And I want to be able to work from home sometimes but this is impossible with just my blackberry (which I am using to type this post). We are going into the city on Thursday for various things and are going to take it to tekserve to see what they say. Hopefully at the very least they can save Ivy’s baby pictures!!

Anyway we had a lovely morning at Long Beach today. We got there super early since we figured we’d rather spend some time outside before the noon time heat wave kicked in. It was really lovely probably about 10 degrees cooler than Brooklyn so we had a nice relaxing am outside as opposed to being holed up inside with the AC on. Now I have a nice tan and a very content sleeping baby! Making the most out of my final days of maternity leave!

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