Luxury Baby gear

Really? They make this shit? GUCCI makes baby gear? Really ugly, stupid, overpriced baby gear. This goes beyond ugly $1200 Stokke strollers, which I guess you could almost convince yourself was worth the money because hey, everyone needs a stroller.

But an $895 baby carrier? Really? And I bet that shit is NOT friendly to your back either. It’s just covered in the Gucci logo. And that’s all that matters! It only cost like 8 times what the super comfy Ergo baby carrier does. And like 80 times what the uber-awesome Maya Ring Sling does. But it’s got a logo plastered all over it!

Even more ridiculous? Gucci baby shoes. Yes for only $195 your baby, who doesn’t actually need to wear shoes can rock Gucci shoes. Sad part about this is I think I have actually seen these on someones baby before.

Look, if you’re going to spend this much money on something because it’s Gucci, why not spend it on a handbag? Because at least this is something you might get more use out of than a baby carrier or baby shoes. If you must spend this kind of money on something related to your baby at least get the Gucci diaper bag. Though I’ve been pretty happy using the free diaper bag the formula company gave me at the hospital (though I could use something a bit bigger but the price was right on this one).

But seriously? All of this stuff is just about as “necessary” as $250 Designer maternity jeans. Oh and Gucci thinks so highly of your child that on their website this is all listed under a section called “Baby & Pet” Yep. Your baby gear is right up there with designer dog leashes, dog carriers, and dog beds. Because, hey, baby, dog, these little things are just extensions of yourself and your status and you must show everyone how fashionable you are and how much money you have by paying exorbitant amounts of money on stupid crap for them.

The most ridiculous part of this is that I found it linked on a blog called “Mom’s need answers” (which I foolishly clicked on through a facebook ad). And after perusing some of the so called “answers” moms need, it seems it is only a blog about stuff you should buy. There is a forum I guess where you may find actual answers but I was too disgusted by the blog to read on.

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One Response to Luxury Baby gear

  1. Anonymous says:

    lol. I totally agree with this post- except I love my stokke!! πŸ™‚ Although, it was a gift- so you can’t hold it against me!

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