Fast Eddie

Since we’ve had a baby in the house I have learned to do everything fast.

Quick! The baby’s asleep and she might only stay asleep for the next 15 minutes. Jon watch her while I get in the shower! Forget about leg shaving and shampooing your hair!! Just get as clean as you can in 5 minutes.

Hurry! Eat your dinner while it’s still hot and she’s relatively quiet and in her bouncy chair. Eat it all before the fussing turns into full blown crying!! No kidding. I have scarfed down entire meals in about 10 minutes. Probably not great for the digestive system but at least I got it while it’s hot. I’ve also gotten a new appreciation for cold food. And then there was this evening when we were eating one of my favorite things – a whole grilled fish. You cannot rush this or else you’ll end up with bones in your throat. So we just ignored the crying towards the end of the meal. Hey I wouldn’t be a very good mom if I was incapacitated due to choking on fish bones.

Then there are the late night/ early morning feedings where even the baby appreciates doing things fast. She eats, burps and by the time I’m done changing her she is fast asleep.

The only things these days that don’t happen in warp speed happen to be enjoying time with my little baby. I could stare at her while she sleeps for hours that is, if I don’t fall asleep myself doing so. I can sit around and make funny noises at her forever just to see one of her little smiles. I can hold her and rock her and sing Bob Marley songs for ages just so she feels content. Basically, the only things I’m not rushing these days is time with my precious little one.

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