The miracle of swaddling

When we first brought Ivy home and she was all new and freaked out by being out of the womb, we used to swaddle her ever night before we put her to sleep. There are these great blankets made by Kiddopottamus called ‘swaddle me’ which have velcro tabs and a little pouch at the bottom for baby’s legs – they basically do the swaddling for you. (Disclaimer: Jon is an expert at wrapping her in a swaddle with a regular blanket. When I do it she immediately pops out and is flailing her arms and legs about). As she got older and the weather got hotter, we stopped this practice and she would fall asleep on her own just fine.

Yesterday, she hardly slept during the day. Usually she’ll nap after she gets up and eats for a while and then for several hours in the afternoon. She also without fail will fall asleep in her stroller when we got for afternoon walks. But not yesterday – she slept maybe for like 3 hours total and since it was raining and shitty out no walk to put her to sleep. SO by the evening we had one very fussy baby on our hands. We got her to nap a bit and then at about 9 gave her a bath, which is another sure fire way to send her off to dreamland. After her bath she ate and then was very gassy, so she didn’t actually fall into a good sleep until about 11:30. Since it was kind of chilly last night and she was so fussy I thought a good swaddle was in order.

SO I strapped her in the blankie and laid her down. And she slept. And slept. And slept until 6 am and actually it was more like 7 when she finally got up. Yes, my internal body clock woke up at 6 and was all “Time to feed the baby” and was shocked to discover she was sound asleep. I mean sound too – she was not cooing or moving around like she normally does when she’s lightly sleeping. Homegirl was out . Jon woke up and couldn’t believe it. I asked him if her diaper had leaked in the night he said ” I don’t think so but I’m not about to wake her up to find out”. We are in a transition of sizes with the disposables we use and lately she’s been waking up in a mess – but not last night! Her too small newborn size diaper actually held it in for this wonderful sleep last night. So he got up and made tea and I rolled over and slept for another 45 minutes.

I cannot tell you how magical this 6 1/2 hours of sleep was after an especially rough day and the past few night of no more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep at a time. Not to mention she looked so cute in her little swaddle – like a little caterpillar. I wanted to take a picture but wasn’t about to stick a camera in her face at 7 am, I thought it might be nice of me to get her fed before she properly woke up and got aggro about the fact she hadn’t eaten for 6 1/2 hours. Oh and our next size up diapers were delivered today by so no more messy nights.

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One Response to The miracle of swaddling

  1. Anonymous says:

    We actually just bought the larger sized kiddopottamus swaddles, since Evan will only sleep through the night if he’s wrapped up nice and tight. I’ve be leaving him one arm free to try and transition into regular pajamas but I don’t see any harm in swaddling him for another month or so. They really are a miracle.

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