Post – Partum stuff

There’s a list of things that have happened since I had the baby that have been awesome which I would like to celebrate here:

  • The complete flood of love and joy I feel every time I look into Ivy’s eyes. Also, watching her sleep. I don’t know why but I can stare at her endlessly while she sleeps. That is, unless I fall asleep myself. Sleeping babies have that effect on me. And then there’s the laundry list of cute things she does which I would have to write a whole separate blog post about.
  • I can see my ankle bones again and appear to have normal sized feet! I can wear shoes that are not flip flops and my flip flops fit properly!!
  • I have been able to have a cocktail and or/ a beer/ glass of wine. Trust me that this is more magical than you can imagine. The cocktail more than the beer or wine because I did allow myself the occasional glass of wine or beer here and there during the pregnancy. And don’t worry I make sure I have hours worth of pumped breast milk or formula for the baby when this happens.
  • I can socialize and not feel the need to complain about my swollen feet, aching back, sciatica, or any other ailment that plagued me during my pregnancy. I also don’t have to talk about the impending birth and answer a bunch of questions about things like epidurals. Now everyone just wants to know the birth story and the weight of the baby when she was born!
  • My body is no longer open territory for strangers to talk to me about / project their pregnancy tales onto/ judge me for doing X while 9 months pregnant/ ask me stupid questions or questions that are none of their damn business. Now they just judge my parenting skills! Luckily, on the latter it is usually done silently (or I haven’t yet experienced the mouthy person who feels the need to tell me that I really shouldn’t have my one month old baby on the boardwalk at Coney Island)
  • I actually looked forward to getting weighed at my Dr’s appointment yesterday. And with good reason as I lost more weight than I expected in this first month – I know, I know – most of it was probably baby related and water weight but I am excited to be close to what I weighed when I first got pregnant. Especially since I gained so much. My Dr. actually cracked me up when she told me what my weight was in the beginning and said i was close to it and I asked “Then how come my jeans don’t fit yet?” (Yes, I DID try my old jeans on) and she replied” Well, you know the weight you put on shifts around and settles in different places you know.”

There are, of course, a few things that have happened since I’m not pregnant anymore that I have not been so jazzed about:

  • I’m still wearing maternity clothes. While I have definitely retired some of the more tent like attire, I don’t fit into my old summer clothes and can’t/ don’t want to spend $ on new clothes. Luckily, some of the summer maternity stuff I bought is kind of not so maternity-ish. I have 3 pairs of capris that just have a small elastic waist band and a drawstring. So it’s not like I’m still wearing pants with a huge belly panel on them (not that I actually bought any of these).
  • Changing the litter box again (this is due to Jon’s broken arm)
  • Riding the subway (ok I know I rode the subway to work throughout my pregnancy but for like over a month I haven’t had to go anywhere on the subway and it was gloooorious)
  • Experiencing complete and utter exhaustion while the baby does not want to sleep, eat, burp, or stop crying
  • Trying to remember to talk about non-baby related things to my friends that don’t have kids. Because I’m pretty certain while they may find my poop tales hilarious they are probably not so entertained by things like how great is or which baby wipes I like the best. Plus I don’t want to be like these people.
  • Thinking about going back to work. I’m kind of 50/50 about this. While I do sort of miss my job (Did I just say that!?!) the thought of leaving her for a day breaks my heart. I’m glad I don’t have to confront this for another 5 or so weeks, and I will start back slow so it doesn’t end up being 40 hours a week away from her.
  • Finally, though it hasn’t happened yet, I’m not looking forward to getting my period again!
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2 Responses to Post – Partum stuff

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the record, I am still in maternity (and one glorious pair of regular yet drawstring waisted) pants at 15 weeks post-partum. I doubt my old jeans will ever fit again, as my hips seem to have doubled in size.
    BUT I still haven’t gotten my period, which means I’ve been officially tampon free for more than a year.

  2. tradbird says:

    bringing back memories…..
    Your post is bringing me back almost two years ago when Ruby was a month old!
    Don’t worry about the booze in your breastmilk, you will get to a point where you nurse and drink a beer at the same time.

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