Fart Jokes

Dude. My beautiful baby girl is a Gassy McGasserson. One might blame this on her mothers love of all food spicy, though I like to blame the formula we give her occasionally.

But for real, this baby can fart with the best of them. At first, Jon and I both thought it was the other adult trying to blame the baby for their gas that’s how loud this baby farts . We were having a moment the other night, staring at our little miracle saying to one another “Look how beautiful she is I can’t believe we made her” and then POOOOOOOOOT . It sounded like a helicopter was landing in our bed. I often watch her in her sleep, and sometimes she’ll be fussing around, then she’ll lift her legs in the air and let one rip. Definitely her fathers daughter.

I suppose I could lay off the spicy stuff for a while and see if her gas goes away but in the meantime it is hilarious to hear such a little baby (well, not that little) make such a big noise.

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