The straight poop on green diapering

The diaper debate rages on – the benefits of reusable diapers vs. disposables could be argued till one is blue in the face. I for one, for the environment, always felt like reusable diapers were better for the earth, as laundry detergent and water waste pale in comparison to what each baby adds to the landfill in diapers in their lifetime.

Which is why I figured we’d try our hand at reusable diapers. When we first brought Ivy home, we did use disposables, just to give us some time to adjust to new parenthood before we threw a complicated changing process in the mix.

So, now that we feel like we have the hang of things (for the most part) we decided to try the g-diapers that we had. It works like this: a cotton “g-pant” with a snap in plastic lining (that reminds me of a shower cap) and then a disposable/flushable/biodegradable insert. Providing baby does not completely fill her diaper with poop when you change the diaper, all you have to do is go about your diapering as normal and put a fresh dry insert in the snap in liner.

Now, as any parent knows things are rarely neat when it comes to poop. So, most of the time when there’s poop, it requires you to change the snap in liner, which then has to be laundered. When things get really bad, then you will need to also get a clean g-pant. So far, I don’t feel like they make more laundry for me since I’m averaging at least one, sometimes two loads of baby laundry a day. I think we could use a few extra snap in liners (they come 3 in a starter pack and I got 2 started packs) and possibly a pair or two of the little pants. I hesitate to order more though because she’s growing so fast. So we’ll see how these next few weeks go.

We just throw out the insert when we change her (Hey, it’s biodegradable!) You can also flush it, but that involves pulling it apart then mixing it up before flushing. I’m not kidding – they actually give you a stick for stirring! I don’t do this for 2 reasons – the first being I doubt the 100 year old plumbing system in my building would appreciate this and the second being, hi, what am I supposed to do with the baby while I separate stir and flush? You can also apparently compost the inserts when they’re just wet, but we don’t have a yard much less a compost pile.

So far, so good with the green diapering. We generally still use disposables when we go out, and at night so we don’t have to mess around with snap in liners and inserts during those middle of the night changes. I would say that gDiapers really make green diapering easier. There’s no reusable liner that you have to scrape the poop out of and launder, and for the most parts the outer pants and liners stay clean so it’s just as easy as changing a disposable. And my baby poops a lot .

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