What a difference a year makes

So, Ivy’s first Fourth of July was spent with friends and family in our back court yard BBQ-ing and hanging out. She was really social and spent most of the day in the arms of people not her mom or dad, which she was totally cool with. Some of her great Aunts were here, and Grandma and her Auntie of course. At one point there was even an argument over who was going to feed and change her next and I asked where these family members were at 2 am when i was getting out of bed bleary eyed. Mommy had her first cocktail – which was a rum punch and was everything I imagined it would be. Ivy was really good all day and night – some of our friends stayed until almost midnight and she even slept through the hanging out.

Unfortunately for me she didn’t sleep so well through the night so I was up at 1, then 3, then 6. Jon woke up this morning and was like “I can’t believe we hung out last night! Like hung out our friends were here!” While it certainly was taken down like 500 notches from what our parties used to be like, he’s right. It was totally fun and Ivy was so into hanging with our friends and family. I laughed really hard when I got up and our coffee table was covered in both beer bottle and baby bottles.

I was just thinking back to last year, when the new baby was our cat Frank and I spent the entire day at Long Beach drinking Corona, and the evening BBQing out back drinking rum and getting crazy. While my days of drinking till 3 am and partying hard with friends are certainly over (for now), I had a much better time chilling with our beautiful little baby and our extended family and friends. And no killer hangover to deal with the next morning!

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