First week of Parenting!

Monday marked our first week being home and parenting. It has been, in equal parts, amazing, exhausting, hilarious and scary. I think we’re doing pretty good so far!

Jon has been amazing, especially because I’m still healing and can’t do everything I normally would. Although I’ve been feeling better and able to move around a bit easier, he’s been doing it all – grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, cleaning and baby care. We’ve gotten pretty clued up to Ivy’s routines so we know when to feed change cuddle, etc. She sleeps pretty well most nights and can go for up to a four hour stretch without waking, which for a 12 day old is pretty damn impressive.

There have been certain things that have definitely made things easier for us- whether they are for the baby or for us.

First and foremost – Ivy’s bouncy seat. She cannot get enough of that thing. Even before we got the batteries in it to make it vibrate, we would sit her in there and it was almost instant knockout. Now that there are batteries and we can activate the vibration and set up the toy bar it’s the best . I think the bouncing definitely soothes her and when the music and rain forest sounds are on she is so content to just sit there and stare at the the lights and little moving animals.

Another thing is our Phillips Avent bottle sterilizer. This was an afterthought that we actually bought on our way home from the hospital. we have no dishwasher, and the thought of having to boil our bottles sterile was just a disaster waiting to happen. So we just soak them in warm soapy water first, rinse them then load them up in this thing, add water, and bam! 6 minutes later sterile bottles.

Also, the co-sleeper. Having her right next to us in bed and being able to just roll over and scoop her up before her fussing turns into full blown crying is great.

Finally, music. While we haven’t yet ventured into kiddie music territory, she loves Bob Marley (that’s what she was born to after all!) and the Beatles. I myself am convinced that Abbey Road was written with babies in mind. Also, Roy Orbison is her sleepy time music.

It’s amazing to see just how much she has changed over these past weeks. Her eyelashes are longer! Her face isn’t as puffy as it was when she was born. She’s also starting to stretch herself out a little more and she’s just starting to move her little hands in front of her face like “Hey these things are attached to me!?!” She’s also starting to vocalize a bit beyond crying which is super cute. Though she’s not quiet a cooing baby she does make little noises here and there that are not cries or leading up to cries.

And let me tell you, whether she realizes it or not this baby is hilarious. Her favorite joke is to poop exactly two seconds after I’ve changed her and strapped on the clean diaper. Sometimes she doesn’t even make it to the diaper! Do you know how many times I’ve washed the changing pad cover in this past week?

So even though we’re both exhausted and averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night, it’s been a great trip so far and I can’t wait to see what the coming month/ years bring!

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