Special Delivery

So I totally forgot that last week we ordered a bed and it’s being delivered today. When we first moved into this place 5 years ago, we got a new mattress. I insisted on this as we had been sleeping on a futon in our old studio apartment. A futon that was also the couch in our tiny apartment. A futon that was also torture on ones back. So when we moved I insisted on getting a proper mattress. For some reason though we never actually got a bed for this mattress, we just put the box spring on the floor and voila!

Since I decided to go with the co-sleeper bassinet a bed is kind of essential so we have something to attach it to. Funny enough getting a bed was on our big to do list of things we must get done before baby comes. Well, the longer she takes to come out, the more we seem to be accomplishing on this list. So today we can tick one more thing off the list!

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