Today has been a full week that I’ve been off work. These past few days have been all about being patient and reminding myself I am only 2 days overdue and that due dates are not an exact science and so I shouldn’t let the things my Dr. tells me about being induced and increased chances of a c-section creep into my brain and freak me out. Just breathe and try to be relaxed and ready. Easier said than done really, but luckily I’m tired so there have been lots of naps.

I’m just getting really bored and tired of my new “routine” which pretty much involves doing nothing. I guess this weather isn’t helping (for those not in the North East it has been absolutely shit out the past week – rain rain rain rain and more rain). I can’t even go for walks because it’s pouring.

My big project of putting all of our cd’s onto the iTunes is almost over (we found a bog box full of probably 50-ish CD’s during our massive cleaning efforts that never made it onto iTunes). I have about 6 left – which I’m uploading now- then I just have to back everything up and I’m done. Along the same vein I’ve made some play lists and have been sure that I have lots of relaxing music uploaded onto my iPod for the big event.

Since I have this massive belly I am limited in the kinds of housework I can do, and Jon has been stellar about keeping things tidy so there’s not much to do on that front.

So basically this means I’ve been spending my days reading, watching craptastic daytime TV, surfing the interwebz and harassing my cats who sleep all damn day. Too bad I hate knitting or that might be a good thing to do. I actually do have a needlepoint pattern, but that wouldn’t go so well either. Why not? Because this baby happens to be cutting off my circulation leaving my fingertips numb for most of the time and needlepoint requires some kind of dexterity, of which I have none right now.

Ya hear that little Ivy? Mom is BORED please come out and turn my life upside down so I have something to do all day!

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1 Response to Bored

  1. Anonymous says:

    ask and you shall receive! LOL. u said u were bored..and ivy responded! HEHE! how awesome. i hope baby is doin well!! =D
    – Mark!

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