Some observations about daytime TV

I’m writing about TV because although today is my due date, I have NOTHING to report. So, since I’ve been home during the days I’ve been subjecting myself to the dreaded daytime TV. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed.

*The news cycle in this country is pathetic. I’ve been waking up everyday around 5:30 and unable to fall back asleep. So I usually get up and watch the local early news, which segues into the Today show and boy is it crap. Take the top stories the today show lead with today. Yes, there are people DYING while protesting in the streets of Iran because of their corrupt elections but ZOMG SOME ASSHOLE IN ENGLAND FLUSHED HIS 4 WEEK OLD PUPPY DOWN THE TOILET AND THEN THESE PLUMBERS SAVED HIM SO THEY NAMED HIM AFTER THE PLUMBER!! Sometimes I’ll catch the 5:00 news and providing nothing major has kicked off, it’s the same dumb stories that were on in the morning. Although I do have to say the NBC news team at 5:00 is a lot more entertaining. I think they are always either stoned or drunk because man are they weird.

*What happened to all the good game shows? I’ll take any of the old-school game shows over the crap that’s on today. Trivial Pursuit. As a game show? Really? And don’t even get me started on Deal or No Deal. This show is the pits – and I can’t stand how after they’ve taken the deal they make them go through ‘what they would’ve done’ so they can torture them about what they might have won . Whatever happened to the great old game shows with people screaming “No whammy!!” and whispering “The password is…”

*The 2-4 hours are seriously lacking in anything worth watching. This time in the afternoon is usually when I read or nap because I can’t get into any of the soaps on at this housr, and really Bonnie Hunt how did you ever get a show?

* Soap operas. Back in my High School and College days during summer break I’d watch Days of our Lives. I got back into the show during a brief stint on unemployment. Well, they really structure this show so that you can not watch is for like 8 years, and turn it on again and still kind of know what the hell is going on. I’m not sure how Stefano came back to life, but I know the DiMera family is full of bad bad men.

I’ll be so happy when the baby actually comes and keeps me busy so I can take myself away from all this. Either that or we’re getting cable and making this all worse.

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