Like a Ticking Time Bomb

Still waiting! Since last night I’ve had some period like cramp pain which has been pretty consistent. I feel a little pressure too and a few twinges here and there but still no contractions worth timing. We’ve been walking all over the neighborhood and nothing. Today we got some errands done and when I insisted on doing a Target run Jon was like “You’re crazy – so close to your due date and you want to go to Target? If you go into labor in Target you will never hear the end of it from me” Alas, Target didn’t do the trick but I am happy now that I am stocked up with an extra 20 rolls of toilet paper.

When it started to rain like crazy I thought we were in for a good long rainstorm and maybe that would bring labor on. But alas, it only lasted 15 minutes, and no labor.

I’m getting cranky and annoyed by the “You’re about to pop” comments and the fact that I can’t call a single family member without them freaking out when they see my number come up, thinking ‘it’s the call’.

So it’s just sitting around waiting really. I’m hoping we have a super punctual baby who decides to come out on her actual due date. Every day I try to take naps so I’m well rested and every night when I go to sleep I wonder if this is the night I wake up at 3 am with contractions that I’m ready to time. But so far no such luck.

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