Tempting Fate

This morning, in an effort to get shit done we decided to do some major cleaning in the bedroom. It really should have been done weeks ago but you know how easy it is to overlook this type of cleaning. The type that requires you to go through and actually organize those boxes full of paperwork under your dresser, and the piles of ‘stuff’ that just seem to accumulate in the corners, gathering dust.

You may want to cry “nesting” but it was actually Jon’s idea. I would have been perfectly content to surrender myself to a lazy Sunday of sitting around waiting for the baby to come. But I decided he was right that it should be done before the baby gets here so I did what I could.

As I immersed myself in sorting through old credit card statements and organizing past years tax returns and bank statements into neat little piles that could be easily filed I looked around at the piles of junk and paper everywhere. And then I thought “OK come on baby if there ever was an inopportune moment for labor to start it would be now . The place is a dusty mess and I’m looking at bank statements and paid bills from 2003, there’s piles of old concert ticket stubs, stickers and photos covering almost every open surface in my living room. My sink is full of dishes and the bathroom is positively gross”.

See this past few weeks I’ve been doing it all wrong. I’ve been actually prepared for the baby to come. The house was tidy and the nursery was in order. And nothing happened. Now that the house is a total mess and in complete disarray, I’m sure that labor is imminent.

So don’t be surprised if you get the call or receive a birth announcement via email in the next few days. And if you live close by (Hi Sis!) Don’t be surprised if in addition to asking you to stop by while I’m in the hospital to feed my cats I ask you to do some dishes as well!

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1 Response to Tempting Fate

  1. Anonymous says:

    go bowling. I’ve seen VERY pregnant women at bowlmor. they might be on to something…
    I’ll see you soon!

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