Dr’s appointment this morning revealed that…I am still making no progress! She said my cervix has opened ‘a tiny but’ but not by any amount of inches or anything. Not what I wanted to hear! I have to go back on Wednesday if I don’t go into labor before then (my due date is Tuesday). If there is still nothing happening then I go to the hospital for a fetal non-stress test and an ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid to make sure the baby’s doing ok in there. Then if I still have no baby by June 23rd I get induced.

I just walked around the park for an hour- the weather today is actually pleasant. I am trying to just relax and not get my head crowded with fears of induction while my cervix is still as tight as a pinhole and as a result ending up giving birth by c-section.

I am still having twinges here and there of contraction like (I think/hope) pain – which I told my Dr. about and she agrees this is a good sign. My doula says just relax and be comforted by the fact that I won’t be pregnant forever.

All the pregnancy books do say that some women start to progress slowly and dilate over the course of a week or days and some over the course of a few hours. I just hope I’m in the last category.

Now I am off to go eat the leftovers of that super hot curry and wash it down with some raspberry leaf iced tea.

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