Gotta be starting something

Day 3. No work. No baby. I do feel like a little somethin’ somethin’ may be going on though. A few nights ago I noticed some more intense contraction like pain. Like, more intense than your average Braxton Hicks. It didn’t last longer than 30 or 45 seconds and there was no real regular pattern as to how often it happened (maybe every 30 or 45 mins with absolutely no regularity). It’s been on and off since Wednesday night that I’ve noticed this. And it happens whether I’m sitting standing laying down whatever so…. we wait.

I talked to my doula and she said it could be the start of something and suggested I take a walk, which I did yesterday. I also ate a shit-hot curry with extra hot sauce on it (home-made Trini hot sauce no less). I tried to walk a little bit today but it’s really freakin hot and humid so I didn’t get to far before I decided it was best to go home and get my feet up in the ac.

So here’s hoping I’ll only be pregnant for a few more days! Going to the Dr. tomorrow am so she will hopefully be able to tell me something I want to hear. Like “get ready to go to the hospital”.

I have actually, packed my bag. I also have done a lot of the things I wanted to get accomplished in this waiting period. Like make an email list for the birth announcement, do my thank you cards from the baby gifts and get the nursery into some kind of a functional state for baby. Which I actually did a few weeks ago but need to do again. I’m not super stressed about this last one because she’ll be spending her first few weeks sleeping in the co-sleeper anyway.

I did harness some of my energy to make some meat sauce and build a lasagna to cook for dinner, but pretty much have been lounging around in this ugly maternity dress that I got in a pile of maternity clothes passed on to me that makes me look like a giant strawberry.

Peep it:


Holy shit I am fucking huge!!! Also, please don’t judge my hair. It’s a cute cut I just haven’t showered yet today. I am after all almost 40 WEEKS pregnant.

Here’s a picture of my back which I took by accident before I actually figured out the timer on my camera.


The other night I thought my backside wasn’t looking so bad considering the amount of weight I put on but looking at this I’m not so sure. Although, lets just blame it on the dress which is after all less than flattering

And finally, I give you my ridiculously swollen feet. I’m afraid my feet might explode before I deliver this baby.


There’s Frank in the background. He’s been following me around today meowing for no good reason at all. Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Like “Get ready to have this baby” I hope.

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2 Responses to Gotta be starting something

  1. Anonymous says:

    Never Judge Your Ass by a Terrible Dress
    I am totally a lurker who stumbled over here from BeBehblog’s blog but you made me laugh during what has been a craptastic day, so I had to comment. You look fabulous, please don’t judge your ass b/c that dress is not good. All the luck with the baby!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bring you lurkers!
    I think you look great for 40 weeks but holy cow are your feet swollen. I would have ordered up a wheelchair and a housekeeper if my feet had been than bad. I can’t wait for you to get your baby!!

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