First day of waiting

Well today went by quickly enough. I slept in until 10 and then had a leisurely breakfast with Jon. He dropped me off at the nail salon on his way to work where I got a mani pedi (in pink!!!) and discovered this this is where new moms hang out during the day. It seemed kind of weird to me to have newborns in nail salons, with the fumes and all but there they were.

After getting my nails done and having a quick bite I went and got my hair cut, something I desperately wanted to do before baby arrives. The front bits were getting a little long and in my face and I knew if I didn’t get it cut before I gave birth I would spend the first 6 months of Ivy’s life in a do-rag and nobody wants that. My hair dresser was very excited and impressed that I made it in before the baby arrived. After that I finally went and froze my gym membership after throwing hundred of dollars at them for not using it. Then I came home and did some random things around the house and have pretty much been relaxing with my feet up for the past 3 hours.

Oh – one new thing I did try today was some meditation/visualization in addition to a few gentle yoga poses. Trying to get the mind/body connection to speed things up. Also I remember my yoga video saying cat/cow pose can move the baby into position for birth. Hopefully my Dr. will have some better news for me this weekend. Or maybe I’ll even go into labor before my Saturday appointment!!

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