Nothing to report….

Dr’s appt this morning with no exciting news!! Even though she felt the baby’s head down there last week, apparently she’s decided to move back up because it wasn’t there today! My cervix is still closed and that lower back pain I’ve been feeling is just due to the fact that the baby is lower down now.

So it looks like I won’t be giving Jon a baby on his birthday which is tomorrow!! And that my predictions of having this baby early were mostly wishful thinking.

I guess I should be happy for small things, like she has dropped down some and is head first, not feet first or anything. And I still have 10 days till my due date so it could still happen early. Right? Right?!?! My Dr. says they will induce me if I’m still pregnant on June 23rd, and I’m trying not to let any kinds of thoughts of induction and increased chances of a c-section creep into my mind.

My prediction right now? Tuesday is my last day of work. Once I stop working and start relaxing I think things will get going. Yeah yeah I hear the dull roar of advice that I should take long walks eat spicy food and have sex to get labor going but I have been non stop for the past 9 months. So maybe slowing down will send the message to little Ivy that it’s time to get moving.

I did go on the hospital tour today which was nice. The Labor and Delivery rooms and the maternity rooms are really really nice. They have waterfront views of the city and NY harbor! The tour was chock full of important information about the whole process, like what restaurants in the area will deliver to the hospital entrance so I can avoid hospital food !! But I also learned that they let you room in with the baby (if you want) and that in order to score one of the nice rooms, don’t ask for a private room, but ask the nurses to put you in a semi-private room then you can have it ‘blocked’ so you don’t end up with a roommate. The private rooms don’t have nice views! And they are pretty open to whatever you want in the delivery room – low lights, music, whatever. As long as your practitioner is cool with it and it doesn’t involve plants or animals (what?!?!) you’re good to go.

When I got home after the tour, I washed the rest of the crib bedding and some more little clothes, which are now all folded and put away in the dresser. I’m feeling really prepared for this baby to arrive so I hope she gets the message!!

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