Are we there yet?!?

Yesterday marked my 38th week. This is my official last week of work, for which I can’t be thankful enough. Not only is getting to and from work becoming a major pain in the ass bu I can barely focus on anything that isn’t baby related. I’m actually surprised that I haven’t blurted out “Well the nursery furniture is all coming by the end of the week and I’ve washed all the tiny clothes and blankets so really all thats left to do now is HAVE the baby” when going over the weekly tasks with my boss.

Every weekend when I go to my Dr for my check-up I’ve been praying she tells me to pack my bags and stop working but no such luck yet. Although the baby has “dropped” my cervix is still closed so um nothing yet!

The other morning the guy in the little truck where I buy my muffin or bagel asked me when I’m going to have the baby. Seriously? The muffin guy is waiting for me to pop!

Everyone keeps offering me the same advice: Have sex; take long walks; eat spicy food. Seeing as most of these activities have been taking place for the entire pregnancy I’m not so sure any of them will do the trick. I had the pre-natal meeting with my doula over the weekend and she offered some good insight about visualizations and meditations I could try, in addition to the above mentioned tactics for getting labor started.

This weekend I’m finally going on the hospital tour so I can know exactly where to go. So basically, after setting up the nursery this weekend and putting away all the tiny clothes in the dresser I am going to resign myself to just siting around waiting for labor. I’m starting to wonder if all our predictions of Ivy coming early might have just been wishful thinking !! Guess I’ll finally have time to get to those thank you cards from my shower!!

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