Things are going to change around here…

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I know the cats know that I am pregnant. Frank especially since he spends the most time on my lap and that lap is a) less space now and b) sometimes he gets pushed when he’s on my lap by the baby in my belly. I also woke up the other morning and he had himself stretched across my belly (I was sleeping on my side) and was purring into my womb for little Ivy. Stella to is finally starting to realize. I yelled at her the other day after I had washed some baby clothes and she walked by and knocked something off the drying rack with her tail. She jumped up on the bed where I was laying and started rubbing my belly with her face like “Ok sorry Ivy I won’t mess with your clothes”.

What I’m not sure they are aware of is that things are going to have to change for them once the baby comes. No more owning this house kittehs! You will no longer be able to roam freely!! We’re going to start closing the doors to the bedroom at night and keeping you out! And much to your dismay the new crib and co-sleeper are NOT fancy cat beds. When the baby starts walking around and grabbing things, no more cat toys laying around.

Poor kitties are going to have to start playing second fiddle to the baby! The horror!!

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