Because sleep is important

I may need to spend these next 3 weeks sleeping on my couch. I am having a really, incredibly hard time sleeping these days. No amount of propping myself up with pillows seems to remedy this. Every night I fall asleep great, then after about 2 hours, I wake up with pain in whichever shoulder I’m laying on and a numb arm on that same side. So I switch sides, only to be woken up in about an hour or two with the same complaint on that side.

I find that I can sleep for at least a few extra hours in a row if I’m on the couch – I guess because I can prop myself up with pillows, but also have the back of the couch to support the rest of me so that when I inevitably slump down off those pillows it’s not so bad because the back of the couch helps to support some of my weight. For about the past week I’ve been throwing in the towel at about 4 am and getting my final hours of sleep on the couch.

Mother nature is a cruel cruel bitch. After the baby comes I am going to be getting less sleep than EVER on a regular basis. So why does it have to be so fucking hard to sleep in this final month while the baby’s still inside? Not that one can “stock up” on sleep or anything but seriously? All I’m asking for is an uninterrupted b6 hours. Is that too much??

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One Response to Because sleep is important

  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless you’re on doctor’s orders to absolutely NOT take any drugs, I highly recommend some OTC sleep aids. I wouldn’t have survived past month 5 without Tylenol PM. The sleep I got in those last few weeks really helped in the first few days of baby care.

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