Just a minor freak out

I had a Dr.’s appointment this morning and was hoping she might tell me to expect little Ivy early. But, after my exam she let me know that, my cervix is still closed and the baby hasn’t “dropped” yet (I am still a good 3 1/2 weeks away from my due date). She did say the baby’s head is in the right position, so this was all comforting. She said, lets step in to my office so I can tell you what to start looking out for and go over any questions you have. Oh, and I almost forgot to take your blood pressure.

This is where the freak out begins. It’s 130 over 90 – considerably higher that it’s been throughout my pregnancy. She tells me to go and sit in her office and then she tells me this is very high and because of this and the swelling in my feet I’ve been complaining about she’s sending me to the hospital for monitoring. “SO I should go, like now?” I asked her. “yes” she replies – let me go check something else. So she goes for a few minutes while I’m trying not to flip – lest I raise the blood pressure any higher. Then I hear her say to the other Dr “I’m sending her to labor and delivery” and my hearts starts to pound. She comes back and explains to me all about how the swollen feet and high blood pressure could be signs of preeclempsia, although my urine doesn’t have any protein in it which is a good sign. “In any case” she tells me “You’ll have to go to labor and delivery where they will take you blood and hook you up to some monitors to make sure everything’s ok. If the test results come out a certain way, they may induce you today.

My eyes pretty much pop out of my head at this statement and I muster the vocal power to say “I better just call my husband before he leaves for work”

This is where I loose it. Jon had dropped me off at the Dr. this morning because he had some errands to do, then he had to leave for work for a 12:30 appointment. He was going to try to pick me up from the Dr. and take me to my scheduled prenatal massage but I ended up waiting ages to see the Dr. so he had to go. Luckily, I caught him just as he was about to walk out the door.

“Babe you need to come pick me up” I blurted out my voice shaking he asks why and I shriek “They’re sending me to labor and delivery for monitoring because my blood pressure is really high”. Then I start crying as he tells me he’ll be right there. My Dr. comforts me and tells me not to cry or worry, it’s just a precaution and even if I do have to get induced today I’m 36 weeks and 4 days and that’s almost full term so everything will be fine. Birth is an unpredictable thing but it’s a happy thing she tells me as I try to relax and stop crying.

Obviously you can tell by my typing this that I did not in fact have to be induced.

So we make our way to the hospital, eventually find our way to the labor and delivery ward – with the help of two very sweet nurses. I fill out some forms and they hook me up to a machine that monitors the baby’s heartbeat, my contractions (or lack thereof) and my blood pressure every 15 minutes. It’s soothing to listen to the heartbeat, which apparently is perfectly healthy, and even the first blood pressure reading shows that it has gone down.

A nurse comes in to draw my blood, then tells me that she’s putting in the thing for an IV “just in case I end up staying with them”. I then have to sit for just over an hour so they can keep watching my blood pressure and everything else. She brings me a cup of ice and I ask for food because at this point I’m hungry and she tells me I can’t have any food just yet Jon sneaks out for 15 minutes and has a beer – he comes back with an ‘In touch’ magazine to keep me entertained so I don’t mind. He also asked the nurses for food for me and they gave him a banana. Banana to the rescue!

So I lay on the uncomfortable table for an hour and a half or so while they continued to monitor my blood pressure which continued to go down back to normal. The resident Dr. came in and talked to me, asking questions and checking my reflexes and said that everything came back ok with the blood work, they were just waiting for one last test then I could go. I asked about work and they said it was fine to go back until I’m ready to stop but to make sure I take frequent breaks and don’t get too stressed about anything. I also asked about the annoying numbness in my hands and arms and the nurse told me that was just one of the many perks of the 9th month. When Jon asked if there was anything I could do to alleviate it she said “Yeah – deliver the baby”

So everything came back fine and we got to go home. They told me after my last blood pressure reading I had a runners blood pressure (116 over 67 for the record). On the way out, the two security guards said to me “Not yet ey love? You need to do more walking” which was cute. I went home and spent a nice relaxing afternoon evening napping and watching movies. I continued that relaxation today kicking off the day with a mani-pedi then followed by eating some lunchtime BBQ with my neighbors. So now my job is just to realx and wait for this baby to come!

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