Baby showers are a good thing

You know, I knew I would have a bay shower, and I knew it would be fun and happy but one thing that really got me down was registering for everything. I felt so weird registering for all these things (some expensive) and just expecting people to buy them for me. My mom, sister and aunts all assured me they wanted to buy stuff for me and registering was a way I could get exactly what i wanted. While this is true, there was just something so…. material about the whole process.

I got a lot of advice from my other new and expectant mothers in terms of keeping it simple, what the cannot live without items are, etc.

In the end, I had an awesome baby shower and got just about everything I needed – including some stuff I didn’t even realize I needed – like butt paste for the bebeh!! Now I feel better about the imminent arrival of our baby knowing that she’ll have a place to sleep, a place to chill, onesies to wear and blankets to throw up on. There are still a few things i need to fill in but for the most part I feel set. So yay baby registries! And thanks to my kick ass friends and family for a great day.

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